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Kenza and the Robe of Light

a film by Taïeb Jallouli

(75', 2013)

The peaceful and magic city called the Magnificent in The Thousand and One Nights, is home to the beautiful Dalila and her adopted children Kenza and Morad. Dalila's lucky robe of light has been stolen and her daughter Nour has been kidnapped by the infamous sorcerer Chakour. As a revenge, she steals all that she can from Chakour's henchmen. As complaints pile up, the Cadi (judge) hires Samir the Mercury to arrest her. But in the midst of the conflict, a love story is born between the young man and Kenza, Dalila's adopted daughter.

Written and directed by: Taïeb Jallouli
Length: 75'
Format: HD
Production year: 2013
Coproduction: An Omnia Production and Alif Productions coproduction
Distribution: Alif Productions

Available in French, International and arabic versions